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Assia Bennani

Assia Bennani headshot


Assia Bennani grew up in Casablanca, Morocco and moved to France at age 18 to study interior design at the LISAA School of Paris.
Eager to explore different universes and not lock herself in a box, Assia spent several years navigating between graphic design, mural art and children’s book illustrations.
After moving to Hong Kong in 2007, immersed in an environment where creativity and diversity are embraced and celebrated every single day, Assia’s identity as an artist began to take shape and express itself. Her love for texture and pattern work have become her trademark in all the projects she has undertaken, most visible in her mural art projects & paintings.
In her online boutique you can discover a range of Art prints, paintings, storybooks that she has worked on. Each item is unique or created in limited quantities, always sketched by hand with care and loads of passion!
In 2018, Assia decided to start sharing her passion for the different techniques that she had the chance to try and refine over the last 20 years, and launched two weekly classes for young people, ready to take up this exciting new challenge.