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Doris Wai

Doris Wai headshot
Doris Wai is a hand lettering artist based in Toronto, Canada.  Her business Love Lettering focuses on the art of lettering beyond paper, designing products, and she is the author of Extraordinary Hand Lettering. In her free time you can find her teaching workshops, creating YouTube videos for her channel The Lettering Lifestyle, and spending time with her husband and daughter, Melody.

Hi Doris, what inspired you to create these beautiful designs?

Before I even start drawing, I can almost picture WHO would love to wear my designs, so I really take this into consideration. As a parent, I know that there are lots of sweet celebrations for the family where each individual has a role. For the family and Baby to Be series, I could see how having these designs would be a wonderful way to announce a baby on the way and let the siblings have fun showing off their new role that would look beautiful in photographs.
Where can you imagine your tattoo being worn? 
For the Baby to Be design, I can see a Mama to be wearing the tattoo on her tummy in a photo that would tell the world of this happy news and mark a beautiful occasion/celebration.
Which part of the body suits your tattoo design?
I think most of the designs are meant to be placed in a visible spot. Choosing a tattoo is a matter of expression, I use words in many of my tattoos and these work anywhere on the body.
Which artwork would you like to wear on your body?
I love a lettering artist called Tobias Saul from Germany. His letters are like pictures that tell a story. I have no idea what I would want but I know it would be beautiful.  
Do you have any tattoos?
No! It’s because I can’t decide what I’d want to be marked permanently on my body. That's why Bodinker is so great, I will have a chance to see what it’s like to have my designs on my body before I commit.