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Eleanor McColl


What inspired you to create these designs?  
I decided to start with one of my most popular series, The Zodiac Collection. I thought it would be fun to wear your own animal and as they are filled with HK images they are extra special. 
Where can you imagine your tattoo being worn?
I wore it at the recent Clockenflap festival and my kids also wore their animal.
Which part of the body suits your tattoo design and why?
The ankle or arm.  They are small and discreet but the detail is amazing.
Which artwork would you like to wear on your body?
I love Hunderwasser so I’d love to see his work as a tattoo but I also love simple line drawings so some of Alexander Calder’s work would translate well. 
Do you have any tattoos?
I have always wanted a tattoo but I’ve never been able to decide on a style or design. Even finding the perfect place to put it is a challenge.  Temporary tattoos are perfect for me!