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Jasmine Mansbridge



Jasmine Mansbridge is an Australian based artist, published author, speaker and mother of five. For the first 12 years of her life, she lived in Katherine in the Northern Territory and had close contact with several Aboriginal artists. Watching the way they painted as a part of their daily life, left a deep impression on her and influenced the way she works today. For Jasmine the process, ritual and labour of painting itself are of integral importance to the finished piece, as are the intentions and musings that are imbued in every brushstroke. Her subject matter combines architectural forms and geometric imaginings which are used as metaphors to tell stories around our shared human experience. The drawing in, meditative and contemplative value of the paintings are meant to be an antidote to our busy, technological and image rich daily lives.

In addition to eight solo shows - including shows in New York, Melbourne and Sydney and numerous group exhibitions, Jasmine has also completed commissioned murals for businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and China. A keen collaborator, Jasmine’s geometric inspired artworks can be found on ‘Royal Stacks’ food trucks in Australia, imaginative street art in Hong Kong and other community art projects. 
What inspired you to create these designs?
My artwork tells stories through shape and form. The designs for Bodinker represent wholeness, completeness, safety, security and freedom. It’s the choice of the wearer what the design means to them and how they might interpret them will be different for everyone. This is something I love about tattoos, they’re like little secrets on the body, ones other people can see but won’t always understand the significance or meaning of.
Where can you imagine your tattoo being worn?
I can see all the designs used in different sizes and with various placement options. But, if I had to choose to get one for real I would get the 'Catch me' tattoo on the back of my arm, just under a T-shirt line. The 'Triangle Mandala' I would love on my inner wrist and the 'clasp' tattoo I would put on my front upper thigh, which I think would look great with a split skirt for a special occasion.
Which part of the body suits your tattoo design?
I have tried to create designs that are versatile and give the individual as much freedom as possible as to where they would like to wear them.
Which artwork would you like to wear on your body?
A set of MC Escher stairs would make a great tattoo.
Do you have any tattoos?
I have a black outlined rose tattoo on my back/shoulder and a hand poked triangle/mandala design on my inner wrist (similar to the outline of my tattoo design for this range), I also have three black circles on the inside of one of my fingers, something I got recently with my childhood friends. I would like more tattoos, but I find it so hard to decide where and also to find the time to get them done when life is so busy!