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Leanne Claxton

Leanne Claxton headshot


Artist and print designer Leanne Claxton grew up in Lancashire, moving to London in 2002 to complete a BA degree in textile design at Central Saint Martins. In 2005, she trained in Paris under Christian Lacroix where she discovered haute couture and the relationship between art and fashion. Since graduating, she’s worked both in-house and as a freelance print designer for major brands in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Spain. Leanne Claxton began printing her floral oil paintings onto luxury scarves as a way of making her artwork more accessible.
The Leanne Claxton digital luxury scarf collection sees the artist’s dramatic oil paintings digitally transformed and printed to the highest possible quality and finish onto the finest fabrics. Each scarf starts life as a detailed graphite sketch which is then interpreted into an oil painting and screen print. Handmade in England, each scarf is individually painted, treated, washed and hand finished. Bespoke scarves are a labour of love, and their individual marks and quirks ensure no two pieces are the same. This is a quintessential part of Claxton’s truly unique brand. You can visit her website here to browse her textile collection.
What inspired you to create these designs?
I’m flower obsessed. I try to capture the details in small flowers to make people stop and take time to notice their sheer beauty. My recent body of work focuses on different flowers in certain parts of the world. The Bauhinia flower is Hong Kong’s emblem which I wanted to showcase in that range of designs. Dahlia is taken from my parent’s garden in England... 

Where can you imagine your tattoo being worn?
To a festival or cocktail party! I think they can be fun or sophisticated depending on how you style them with your outfits.

Which part of the body suits your tattoo design and why?
I think the shoulders and the back are probably the best places for my floral tattoos to be worn because they’re larger areas of the body and my flowers are quite bold!

Which artwork would you like to wear on your body?
All of them, everywhere!! Haha!

Do you have any tattoos?
No, because real tattoos are so permanent and I’m constantly evolving my work and something I might love one year I could really not like so much another year... Bodinker is excellent because they’re temporary, perfect for people like me who don’t like the idea of having something permanent.