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Tanya Pirate



Since graduating with a degree in clothing design and manufacture, where she specialised in illustration and fashion advertising, Tanya has been working in the field of art, design and marketing for over a decade.
Moving from the UK to China in 2007 and then Hong Kong in 2009 – Tanya aka Pirate – has worked for a huge variety of multinational companies and brands, each one requiring their own bespoke response to an inherently creative brief.
Hi Tanya, what inspired you to create this collection?
My 4-year-old goddaughters, Amelia & Olivia. I wanted to create something fun and whimsical for us to enjoy together, that also drew on my background in fashion. The different elements allow the wearer to build their own scene and create a narrative to go with it. 
Where can you imagine the designs being worn?
It could work for all occasions; there’s no place unsuitable for a vintage dress, unicorn and cute woodland creatures :) 
Which part of the body suits your tattoo and why?
The collection allows the wearer to choose their own design and be part of the creative process, including where they’d like to wear it on their body.  
Which artwork would you like to wear on your body?
Something by Tanmaya Bingham, an American artist I collect. Her work is beautiful and peculiar and appeals very much to my aesthetic. 
Do you have any tattoos?
Yes, I have several. Each one tells a personal story, that’s been part of my journey. I’d happily have more :)